When it comes to kitchen cabinets, homeowners should know the difference between Framed and Frameless cabinets.


framed cabinets bellevue

Framed cabinets are your common American and traditional style of cabinets. It is designed with a face frame in the front of the cabinet box thus resembling a picture frame. Framed cabinets are designed and built for sturdiness and durability.


Frameless cabinets do not have the face frame and are considered to be more of a modern look than Framed Cabinets. Frameless cabinets are also known as a European style. Some advantages of frameless cabinets include ease of access, sleeker design, and more storage space.

Choosing between Frameless or Framed cabinets can depend each homeowner’s preference in the look and feel the cabinet design. Our skilled craftsman can help educate and guide you in selecting the type of cabinet for your kitchen remodeling projects.

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