Millwork vs. Casework

Carpentry is a broad field of craftsmanship. It involves woodworking which is mainly divided into two main categories that have a few differences and similarities in between. The two categories are Millwork vs. Casework. You must have heard of them at once in your life but if you haven’t, our experts at Handcraft Inc. are here to tell everything you need to know about the fascinating world of carpentry. The two terms are often used synonymously because they are both associated with woodwork. However, there are a few differences that make them distinct from one another.

Similarities and Difference between Millwork and Casework


It is a type of building product or woodwork in general that is produced in a mill or Custom Millwork. It could be anything from moldings, doors, wall panels, crown moldings etc. Everything that doesn’t require the carpenter to be at the location of the client is associated with millwork. You need to remember that millwork does not include siding, ceiling or flooring. The real difference between casework and millwork is that millwork is custom-made. It can include any type of custom-made work such as designing storage units, cabinets, shelves, even the walls surrounding the elevator because everything needs to be customized based on the space of the client.

If you are considering millwork, it is important that you talk to one of our experts at Handcraft Inc. regarding your space requirements for your Custom Millwork. Otherwise, it would be considered as a piece of furniture. Always use a rule of thumb for estimating the cost of millwork i.e. the cost of construction will be 2-3 times the cost of the materials required for the job.


Casework is literally about making boxes. Either it is for bookcases, storage boxes or cabinets, casework is only about boxes. However, there is a difference between casework and millwork – stock goods such as IKEA. Casework is shelving, cabinetry, storage, etc. things that be purchased ready-made. It does not include custom-made products for specific clients and spaces. In this type of carpentry, there are standard dimensions followed with predefined measurements. This is why casework is much cheaper than millwork. Most of the time, casework requires some assembly by the buyer, if not completely then partial.

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